It has been a rollercoaster in Biggie’s house though he is on vacation. We saw the housemates disagreed over their wager task and even Lucy opening said she wished they would fail. Surprisingly, they all brought their “A” game during the wager presentation.

However, my attention today lies in the life lessons I have come to learn from the show.

Knowledge Commands Respect.

You don’t have to own a popular family name to command respect. Being rich can aid you to command respect, but in the absence of that, how knowledgeable you are will make you rank high even in the midst of those from the upper echelon. 

Laycon has never left the shore of Nigeria. He is a graduate of Philosophy from the University of Lagos. However, because he is well-read and wields knowledge in almost every facet of life he commands respect during tasks and competition. 

The one who was usually snubbed in team selections is now the most sought. Everyone wants him in their team, and why won’t they? The three times he headed a team, his team won.

I felt it when he said, if he could go back in time to change anything, he would go back to change the outcome of the Dulux Competition. His team would have won if they didn’t ignore his views. It is a good thing he is getting the recognition he deserves.

Mind you, the one who hasn’t left the shore of Nigeria, neither is he a graduate of English & Literary studies edited all the poems the housemates used in their wager presentation. Truly he told no lie when he said, “If I don’t burst your brain, you no get one.”

Dear readers, invest in knowledge it pays the best interest.

Kill that I Know it All Attitude.

Praise is a vibe and normally ought to be one of the viewers favorite and top contender. However, I would not bet on him to reach the top 7.  Why? He keeps killing his game with that attitude of I know it all.

No one knows it all. Hush it and be a good listener when you lack authority in a particular area. Also, be a respecter of whoever is in charge and work according to their directive. Your voice must not always be heard, and neither should your opinion always surpass that of others. 

Dear readers, don’t claim to know it all.

Team Players Win the Most.

Being a team player should top your work ethics. The team that works together comes out on top. This was displayed in the Travel beta, Airtel, and Hawaii competitions.

A good team leader carries along each member of the team. He never blames the failure on anyone, but oozes positivity. For example, during the Guinness competition, a blindfolded Vee kept missing the goal post but Laycon kept telling her that she was doing great and was the best. Those words made her relaxed and she eventually won over Nengi.

Dear reader, be a team player and you will win.

Rich and Level Headed.

Kiddwaya and Ozo have taught all viewers that you can be rich and level headed. Kiddwaya’s dad is reported to be a billionaire, yet Kiddwaya is humble, competitive, and nice to all and sundry.

The narrative of rich kids are spoiled brats, is a fallacy of “Overgeneralization.” Kindly aim to be rich, and when you do, raise men like Kiddwaya and Ozo. Frankly, you will be doing society a huge favor.

Men and women may show love differently but they all love. In this show, we have seen Laycon, Ozo, and Vee love. They might all have different approaches but they all have loved.

Final Thoughts

Big Brother Naija is a social experiment. Entertainment should not be your sole goal of keeping up with the show. Ensure you learn a thing or two. Thankfully, I’m always here to share all I learn from the show with you our priceless readers.

P.S: Have fun today with your partner by debating on the topic: “Do Men and Women Speak the same Love Language?”

I remain your plug and goodbye for now.


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