Superstition: The Birth Of Fear

Welcome to this part of the world where superstitions are rampant, you can’t do anything without hearing, it has a negative meaning. We find most of this superstitions ridiculous and unheard of, but it has also brought about fear within us. I can’t tell if superstitions varies among tribes, but I’ll love to share the ones I’ve heard and I would also love to know the ones you’ve heard in the comment section below.

1) When someone sneezes, say bless you, so the devil won’t be able to steal their soul.
2) Don’t look at your shadow, if you do, you will have a nightmare
3) If you hear your name, you must see who is calling you before you answer your name cause it might be the evil people calling you.
4) If you hit a man with a broom you will render him impotent.
5) If you put your eyelashes in your parents shoes, your parents will forget the offence you committed
6) Don’t drink the water in a coconut, else you will become a dullard.
7) If a person crosses over your leg, while you are pregnant, when you give birth, your child would look exactly like the person.
8) If you spit on the floor and a person steps on it, the person will develop throat ache.
9) When you are in a crowded place..for e.g. The Market. Do not bend over to peer through between your legs, cause you are bound to see ghost and witches that way.
10) When the sun is shining and rain is falling at the same time, it is said that a lioness is giving birth.

Most of these superstitions, I heard from my parents, others I heard from my friends, as much as I find them ridiculous, atimes I’m scared of some, like the bending over in the market place cause what if it’s true. As kids, we were told if we swallow an orange seed or a gum, the tree will grow in our stomach…and that built fear in us for a while till we grew up.

The elders believe that superstitions are true and should be taken seriously so as to avoid curses and badluck on people. What’s your view on superstitions?Do you believe in them? What’s the weirdest superstition you’ve ever heard? I would love to know, please make use of the comment section below. Thank you❤️

2 thoughts on “Superstition: The Birth Of Fear

  1. Let me be sincere that market is true,it is very true.. avoid doing it, some of this superstitions are fake but this MARKET OWN IS REAL

  2. To my own understanding most of the superstitions are just to stop some bad attitudes in children. E.g don’t wash clothes in the night just to make sure the child washes his cloth before night falls

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