Nigerian Musician/Songwriter, Tobechukwu Oboh popularly known as Peruzzi, recently addressed allegations claiming that he had an affair with Chioma Rowland, Davido’s baby mama.

The singer addressed the issue during an interview with Chude Jideonwo on his popular talkshow #WithChudeShow.

Addressing the allegation, Peruzzi denied ever sleeping with Chioma, and called the news ‘crazy’.

The singer went further to question the sources of the news on what Davido did that made them bring up such an allegation.

He said;

Someone said I had s*x with the wife of the man who helped me. Do you know how crazy that is? Even if you hate me, what did Davido do to you? So right now I am careful of every pin that drops near me.”


The singer also talked about the struggles he dealt with after loosing his mother to cancer just two years after the release of his hit music, ‘For Your Pocket’.

According to him he lost sight of things around him that period, he explained that his publicity team handled the promotion of his music which gave him the time he needed to grieve.

He also disclosed that it was during the period he lost his Mother that Davido noticed him.

He Said;

“I had my time, I used to cry when I was taking my bath, I used to hit myself till tommorow morning I am going to cry. Whenever I had the time to take a shower I’ll know that’s my time to cry, and as I’m crying the water is washing everything away. Then I’ll come outside again like it was nothing and back to work. So it was in between that period, that was when Davido posted my song on his Snapchat. I didn’t know him before.”

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