Popular Child Comedian, Emmanuella Samuel aka Emmanuella, recently shared photos of the house she built for mother on her social media handle.

This left her fans and many Nigerians with so much to ponder about. Many people wondered how the ten year old girl, could build an exquisite house for her mother at such a young age.

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Well, Emmanuella as she is fondly called by her fans, has finally opened up on how she was able to build a house for her mother.

During an interview with BBC Pidgin, Emmanuella said it all started with a plan to purchase a car for her father, but while thinking about how to do that, her Uncle Mark reminded her about her promise to her mother, which was to build a house for her.

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She added that her Uncle Mark them advised her to start saving for the house first. This made Emmanuella call up her manager to split her earnings into four parts.

The 10-year old comedian, revealed that one part of her earnings was meant for the orphanage, the other part was meant for building the house, the third part was for her family, then the last part was to go to her savings.

According to her, the building construction started in December 2019.


Emmanuella said that her mother deserved an estate but she is not yet able to afford to build it for her.

The Comedian also promised to buy her father a big car.


Wow. More grease to your elbow Emmanuella.

The 10year old comedian, Emmanuella rose to stardom when she started doing short skits with her Uncle Mark the owner of Mark Angel. Their comedy skits are mostly aired on YouTube, the skits production on YouTube has grown large base of subscribers within the past few years.

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We are truly happy for Emmanuella, Keep it up dear!. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.


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