The release of water from the dam each year causes devastating loss to lives and properties in some areas of Nigeria.

Authorities of the Lagdo dam in Cameroon have stopped the release of water from the facility, according to an announcement made by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Recall that it was reported that the release of water from the dam since Monday, August 29, 2023 has triggered fears of widespread flooding in some states in Nigeria.

According to a press briefing on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, the Federal Government disclosed that authorities of the dam have stopped the release of water from the dam.

This was announced by the Director-General of Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, Clement Nze, who further explained that the month of June happens to be the beginning of a new hydrological year in the River Niger Basin which covers nine countries.


Eze added that Nigeria is the downstream of all the countries in this basin. These countries are Burkina Faso, Benin Republic, Chad, Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon, Mali, Guinea and Niger.

In his words: “The months of July, August September and October of every year signify periods of heavy rainfall, flooding and flood disasters in most parts of the country. The Lagdo Dam is located on the Benue River In the Niger Basin.

The Cameroonian authorities commenced the release of water from Lagdo Dam by 10.10 a.m. on August 14, 2023. This was communicated to the DG of NIHSA on August 23, 2023, by the Cameroonian hydrologist in charge of the dam.

However, by 5.46 pm yesterday, August 28, 2023, the hydrologist in charge of the dam notified the Director-General of NIHSA that they stopped spilling water by 11.00 am that same yesterday.”

In addition, Eze stated that since the management of the dam stopped the release of water as stated above, there has been steadiness in the flow of the River Benue system.

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