Life has never been a one-way street, even the best of things can be associated with adverse effects. This is so glaring in the case of tennis superstar Serena Williams.

The joy of motherhood is said to be second to none. An event that wipes out the gloomy cloud of pain associated with childbirth in an instance. They say the moment the child cries, the mother forgoes her pain and beams with happiness. The minute she lays her eyes on her child, she experiences a feeling that cannot be described with mere words. A child brings to their mothers another reason to live. A true blessing.

Motherhood cannot be downplayed. The process of nurturing a delicate human life is one everybody should be proud of. Still, it comes with a price. A price many women all over the world pay daily. 

Motherhood is known to slow down a woman’s career compared to her male counterparts. Time spent in nurturing our long ones detrimentally affects career advancement. Also, the biological changes that occur in a woman’s body due to motherhood can forever utter the cause of her career in sport. 


Serena Williams, the former world number 1, reigned supreme until she gave birth. Getting married and having a child appears to have brought happiness to the champion, a beauty to experience. Nevertheless, her career paid the ultimate price. Since motherhood, the star has struggled to reclaim her position. She has had some low moments that got people asserting that it would be best if she resigned since the ovation was still high. However, despite some unusual losses she kept pushing. A true inspiration to all and sundry.

Serena Williams also experienced postpartum emotions, after childbirth. This is something a lot of mothers go through and the effect on their mental health is adverse. Serena once mentioned via an Instagram post that she felt she wasn’t a good mom, as she struggles to juggle between motherhood and her career. This is certainly the worst feeling in the world, and it negatively affects the output of anyone feeling that way. Sadly, a host of women go through this, and a good number of them end up settling below the bar they once set for themselves. 

Today, Serena lost to Naomi Osaka in the Australian Open semi-finals. I’m sure the legend will rise above this, and continue to win for all the women that draw strength from her.

Motherhood is no joke. Even Beyonce has had to slow down her career so she can take better care of her family. Mothers are selfless superheroes.

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