Social media buzzes as a Nigerian man, known as ‘Tech bro,’ alleges that Rema, the Nigerian singer, was once involved in fraudulent activities, claiming he bought his mother a Lexus SUV at the age of 17 with money earned from such works in 2017.

The man maintained that the singer later transitioned to a music career.

'Rema was a yahoo boy; he bought his mum a Lexus SUV car at 17 years old' - Tech bro spills

According to the ‘Tech bro,’ Rema, at 17, had acquired land and several other possessions but faced a choice between continuing with fraudulent activities or switching to music.

He further asserted that Rema ultimately chose music, which has been beneficial for him ever since.

See some reactions below:

@charles_alewi: “What is the difference between both… Except that one is more legit and give one peace of mind than other.”

@Groovebar1: “O boy, we now have a drug dealing junky as presido and a cabinet filled with people with criminal records so yahoo is part of the requirements to be a politician now.”

@GiveAmOne: “Most Yahoo boy already depend on it as there future.”

@IamBlaccode: “Well I don’t know about that… But if he is correct about changing to better business when they hit.”

@official_adags: “Yahoo wen I wan start this night. I dey wait for who go recommend something for me wen I go take make I no sleep.”

@Kingabasalito: “Wetin you talk now, na. 10yrs imprisonment if police catch you.”

@fahdil_Dagold: “Rema fit sue this guy cos he has no Prove of where he was doing yahoo. This can be tagged as libel. Becareful of what you do all in the name of content…you’re passing the right message in an inappropriate way.”

@obumszn: “Ya’ll find it hard to accept the truth, i see no lie in this video and i believe it 100%. How in the mickey mouse clubhouse can a 17 year old buy a land and a car without any reasonable source of income. ya’ll should stop talking and start thinking.”

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