A young man takes to the microblogging platform X to express his intense pain and sorrow as his girlfriend of four years abruptly ends their relationship to marry another man.

The man shared this information on his account, @theweekendss, where he wished her only the worst in her new marriage.

According to him, she had broken up with a month ago for no reason and his friend sent him her marriage invitation.

The young man claims he has been trying to heal from the abrupt end of the 4-year relationship, only to be further crushed by the news of her impending marriage.

See some reactions to his post:

@isntayo wrote: “Omo na to wait for the “… speak now or forever hold your peace” section to show everyone premium werey at the venue.
I firmly believe in doing your own back and be extremely petty with it”

@MaziEzenna said: “I’ve learned Women have options .. don’t stress yourself over them , if it didn’t dey? It didn’t dey”

@Makamaa reacted: “Four years of commitment binned just like that. Women no send your mental health ????”

@Rextrovertt added: “She loves you but married someone that was ready. ????”

@Jimmy_unusual wrote: “If na me I will be showing up at her wedding oh”

@Rukee_xo asked: “You too when it’s not course that you’re studying. Did you properly define the relationship”

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