A couple of grooms have made rounds on social media for crying on their big day. Men crying on their wedding day is becoming quite normal, yet this intention behind this groom’s tears makes this video the most adorable video you will see today.

On a man’s wedding day, he gains a wife and the love of his life. Well, for this chap, he got not just the love of his life, but a beautiful daughter. Wow! Such double blessings.

View the sweetest video you will lay eyes upon today.

Wasn’t that wholesome? It is so sweet and emotional that it gets you sobbing and giggling simultaneously.


A man found his missing rib and in him, the missing rib found her knight in shining armour. Their union gave a pretty little angel a father. Awwwwwwwww!

The scenario is so beautiful and satisfying to watch. This sort of union should be marked with years of enjoying pure bliss and the truest form of happiness.

Shout out to everyone being true fathers and mothers to children they didn’t birth. Indeed, family is deep and it goes beyond just having blood ties.

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