“To Japa is good but at what cost?” – US-based Nigerian man expresses his regrets

A Nigerian lawyer based in the US has taken to Twitter to express his regrets about the negative consequences of relocating to another country in search of better opportunities.

@ike_obiora, as he is known on Twitter, revealed that his decision to move overseas has resulted in him missing out on three significant family occasions, including the funeral of his beloved grandmother who raised him and his two uncles.

Reflecting on the drawbacks of living abroad, he expressed concern that his children will be unable to develop a close bond with their cousins and extended family.

He wrote:

“Japa! Japa! Japa! At what cost? I was raised by my Grandma, she died 3yrs ago & I wasn’t there.

“My Uncle died 2021, I wasn’t there. Another of my Uncle just died yesterday, and I won’t be there again.

“I haven’t seen some of my nephews since their birth. At what cost again? ☹️ I don’t even want to start counting important events in the lives of friends and family that I have missed.

“To japa is good, no doubt, but at what cost exactly? Families are separated for live only to reunite again at the burial of their parents, if all will be there.

“I grew up bonding with my cousins at Grandma’s house. We will always be there for “Ụka Nne” celebration chanting “Nnem ife dị mma ka mụ ga-emere gị” song after overfeeding on ụkwa and Co. Christmas, New year and Easter celebrations are not left out too.

“Now, everything is pointing towards me raising children who will never get to have that familial bonding & relationship with their cousins and other relations. Not because I want to, but because it is what it is.

“The very thing that made us who we are, are eroded on daily basis. Nigeria really needs to work. We can’t continue like this in perpetuity.”

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“To Japa is good but at what cost?” – US-based Nigerian man laments
“To Japa is good but at what cost?” – US-based Nigerian man laments

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