It is no longer news that employees are being laid off due to the current pandemic. It has however been shown that amidst the job loss and reduction in salaries, quite a number of people got extra jobs, and received extra income due to the skills they had which matched up with popular demand.

Here are the top five jobs that are on high demand during COVID-19.

Top firms and SME’s were in dire need of content creators during this period. Content creators contributes information to their employer’s media platform.
As businesses were on lockdown, people spent most of their time on social media platforms. Employers understood the best way it could survive is by maintaining close contacts with her customers and as such needed blog posts for their sites and social media pages, e-mail newsletter and many more so as to keep in touch with customers and to also, attract new customers.

During the period of lockdown, most food business outlets experienced a growth in sales especially when the lockdown initially commenced. Most people thought it right to eat healthy meals, while some requested for a change of taste and for the majority, the stress in cooking motivated the high demand for food.
Also, food entrepreneurs were creative enough to add salivating meals to their menu which helped in driving sales.

Logistics providers were also relevant after the lockdown eased a bit as they are seen to be key players in trade activities. Their main job is to assist companies by offering them transportation, storage, and distribution of goods from seller to buyer.
With the government regulation against crowded places, customers preferred goods to be delivered to them in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus, as such logistic companies gained a little.


The lockdown provided time for some individuals to visit their new year resolution plan as regards self-improvement. Many used this opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop more skills needed by taking online courses. With this, E-learning platforms gained a lot of money and also, individuals who kept their book on sale recorded a high sale during this period.


Graphic designing and website designing, are two distinct professions, and experts in either of these fields are highly sought for this period. This high demand was because one-way firms can have their customer glued to them is through their websites. During the lockdown, a lot of companies saw the need for a website and a good graphic design for their business and as such employed both graphic and web designers. There was a high demand for these skills during this period which commanded a great revenue.

Though the unemployment rate skyrocketed this period, people that are skilled or owned businesses in the above-mentioned areas profited and are still profiting from the pandemic. So if you want to start a business this period, or you want to learn a new skill, these are your best options this period.

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