As easy as it is to talk about other forms of abuse, there is one that is always left out or not really spoken much about and that is Verbal Abuse.

When most people hear abuse, what comes to their mind is physical abuse, sexual abuse and the likes, but no one really pays attention to Verbal abuse, and to some people it has become a normal way of life.
A boy who has always been verbally abused by his parents or peers will find it strange, when he sees his colleague charging someone to court for that same thing

What is Verbal Abuse
This is the act of forcefully criticizing, insulting or denouncing another person. In other words, when someone constantly uses an insulting word on you, that person is verbally abusive and you are the victim.

The Dangers Of Verbal Abuse
It is different from other forms of abuse, It is very hard to spot. How the signs of other forms of abuse can be seen easily by your closest friends, it is not so in this case.
A lady was facing a rough time in her relationship. Her boyfriend shuts her up, makes her feel less of a person, discourages her from everything she is passionate about, by telling her she’s not good enough, at first, she didn’t think of it as abuse, because he wasn’t beating her, he wasn’t sexually abusing her, he was always helping her financially. What she wasn’t aware of, was it was affecting her daily life, she started to feed on those words, and believed they were true. It affected her so much that whenever an opportunity came, she turns it down, because she doesn’t feel she deserves it or she can do it.

A lot of people are in her shoes, some are still facing it, It might not be in your relationship, It might be in your workplace, your family, among your friends. It has become a pattern for you, that you take it as something normal, it isn’t please, I repeat it isn’t.

How To Survive Verbal Abuse
The first thing I want to tell you, is you are not what they say you are, you are not dull, you are not stupid, you are not a fool. You are better than you think or they say you are. Start by knowing who you are and tell yourself everyday, this is who I am. Talk to a trusted person. Don’t condone someone who verbally abuses you, make it clear to that person immediately, you don’t condone such, especially when you see, the person does it often, make it crystal clear.

In a case, where you are verbally abused by your parents or older ones, you can’t confront cause they might find it rude or disrespectful. The only thing you can do is remind yourself of who you are and who you will always be.

I’m a victim of verbal abuse, No Jokes. It affected me so much that I started abusing people unconsciously. I think everything became better, when I could speak up about what I was facing and tell people it is not a normal thing. It destroys a person.

I hope you got one or two things from here, some are just finding out that they’ve been verbally abused all their life, I understand, please share this to someone and If you’ve ever survived verbal abuse, please share with everyone how you did it, in the comment section

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