What Do Women Really Mean, When They Say “I Need Space”?

A lot of men misunderstand this statement “I need space”. I can’t give their exact feeling, but I can say they never really understand a woman’s ” I need space” in a relationship.

How does my partner say she needs space, and then I don’t call her for 2 days, and she gets all upset. She says she needs space, but she gets angry when I’m online and I don’t send her a message.

What do women want exactly? Space or Attention.
If you’ve found yourself in this shoe, asking similar questions, then this post is for you.

Now you might not agree with what I have to say, or you might get confused along the line, but I hope I speak for all women when I say if your woman says ” I need space” she doesn’t mean a temporary breakup, she doesn’t mean you should just shut her out, and not care how she is doing.

She’s probably going through a lot at the moment, and most of the times, she finds herself transferring aggression to you, which is unhealthy for every relationship, or sometimes she just feels she’s spending so much in the relationship, that she hardly has time for herself, friends and family, and she just needs that space to get things in order.

Now not every woman can explain all this to you, she will just put it in a simple statement that says “I need space”. If she says this, all you need do is try to understand her and act accordingly.

Don’t involve her in how your day-to-day activities played out if she doesn’t ask. Always send a sweet and encouraging message often even if she doesn’t respond. Recommend movies, songs, she should check out, and let her understand that you both are in whatever she’s facing together, and things will only get better.

Don’t expect so much from her during this period, but be there for her, and trust me when I say, she will notice it, and will eventually open up to you.

I have a question for every man reading this, What do you guys mean, when you say you need space? and for the women, was I able to speak for you? Do tell me in the comments section below and don’t forget to share.

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