Have you wondered what your love language may be or your partner’s love language maybe? If you haven’t, this post would help you realize your love language.

  • Physical Touch: This is a lot of people love language. Nothing hits them like an appropriate physical touch. They get mixed signals when someone with no intention shows them this love language.
  • Acts Of Service: You know the popular saying “Action speaks louder than words.” This applies to people whose love language is act of service. These people, they find just being thoughtful about them attractive.
  • Quality Time: They easily fall in love as long as you spend quality time with them and give them undivided attention. They can fall out of love as well if they feel any change in the way you spend time with them.
  • Words Of Affirmation: These people love it when affection is expressed through appreciation, spoken words, encouragement. They find it very attractive. A sweet good morning message can make their entire day.
  • Receiving Gifts: No manner of words or appreciation or time or physical touch, you give this one will get them attracted to you, if you are not speaking their language “Giving Gifts”

  • These are the 5 love languages we have. If you know of any one that the internet hasn’t discovered, let us know oo.
  • I’m hoping you were able to spot your love language, and that of your partner, and this will help you treat one another accordingly and not sow discord

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