Mr. Obi who has been quiet throughout the chaos heard his phone rang. He took the call as it turned out to be his PA. “Sir,” said the PA in an obvious distress voice, “Your son is trending on Twitter as a rapist.” Mr. Obi couldn’t believe his ears. He will not sit back and watch his name and that of his family being dragged into the mud. “I don’t care what you do but change the narrative.” He ordered fiercely and ended the call agitated. Immediately he snapped at the driver ordering him to drive faster.

Ella’s phone rang, she brought it out from her bag only to find out the caller was Kingsley. Swiftly she declined his call. All her attention was focused on getting justice for her siblings.

Mr. Obi was known to be a cool-headed man, his wife was normally the loud one. Mrs. Obi, who was sobbing quietly, looked at her husband surprised. She had never seen him look so angry throughout their over 20 years of marriage. “What is wrong honey?” She asked, looking concerned. 

“That girl has taken this matter to social media. The reputation I suffered to build is about to ruin all because of that useless son of yours. “Mr. Obi concluded angrily. He blamed her for over pampering and spoiling their children rotten.

“My son is not useless!” Mr. Obi said defensively. “This is happening because of that useless girl. I will teach her and family a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry.” Mrs. Obi concluded unapologetically. She was one of those women that never sees wrong in her children’s infamous actions. She took out her phone and put a call across to Mr. Ade, Ella’s landlord.

Back at the hospital, things were tense for Mrs. Okafor. Her husband Mr. Okafor had spent the entire day in search of money but he couldn’t get anything substantial. The Okafor’s were a low-income family. Mrs. Okafor sells fruits by the roadside every evening. While Mr. Obi was a carpenter. Their eldest child Ella was unemployed. They had spent all they had into sending her to the university with the hope that the returns will be worthwhile.

Though first aid treatment had been given to her children they were asked to run some tests but that was above their earnings. Mrs. Ella had earlier asked Ella to go look for money but she was yet to return. She brought out her phone to call her but her phone rang instead. The caller was her landlord, she picked the call thinking he was calling to sympathize with her but his utterances left her overwhelmed. The poor woman had reached her breaking point and slumped.

The police van finally reached the police station. They all alighted from the van. Soon Mr. Obi’s car pulled over and Mr/Mrs. Obi both alighted from their car. They all walked into the police station. Her police friend Roland had already called his colleagues to brief them on the case. They were all eager to deal with the rapist but the presence of his rich parents ruined everything.

Where is the D.P.O? Asked Mr. Obi casually. “Ogar, you people must write your statements first.” Replied an officer. “No one is writing anything.” Replied Mr. Obi firmly as if they worked for him. “Says who?” Replied Ella, but before she could continue the D.P.O walked in, and he and Mr. Obi exchanged pleasantries as if they were friends. “Please come into my office.” Said the D.P.O, as he ushered Mr. Obi into his office. Mrs. Obi let out a victory laugh, leaving Ella dumbfounded.

It appears social media was her only hope of getting justice, so she logged on to her Twitter account and was pleased to see that her case was trending, but on the trend list she saw a hashtag “#Ellalied” trending too. She clicked on it and found out people were making posts that discredited her post. They were calling her a clout chaser

She was stunned, as she wondered who could be behind the ridiculous trend. Little did she know that Mr. Obi’s PA had paid some influencers to discredit her. She was underestimating how low the Obi’s would go.

She swiftly decided to call her neighbor to hasten up with the photos of her hospitalized siblings. With such evidence, no one can deny that she was stating the truth. “Hello, where are the photos?” She demanded. “Your mother fainted.” Replied the neighbor. “What?” Ella screamed. “They just revived her now. She said the landlord called to inform her that the quit notice he gave to your family has expired, and he will be ejecting your family from the compound tomorrow. Also, your brother had seizures. Without money for treatment, that boy will die.” Concluded her neighbor.

Ella was chilled to her spines as tears rolled down her eyes. She had forgotten that she left the hospital ward to go get money. In her quest for justice, she has neglected her siblings’ health. She felt all hope was lost. Truly, life hated the poor.

She turned and saw Mrs. Obi wearing a smirk across her face. Is it game over for Ella?

To be Continued.


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