When Life Happens (A Story)

After all the fuss and bustling laced with serious prayers and expectations, the day turned out to be yet another day of outright disappointment. Another concluded interview that promises no fruit, and Ella felt rejected for the umpteenth time. 

Her footwear was not the only thing on a decline, the confidence she once had in her abilities kept declining over the last couple of months as she continued to fail in her quest to secure a good job.

As she walked aimlessly towards the bus stop her mother’s words kept echoing in her ears. “Ella, you are the Ada of this family, my very first fruit. I and your father suffered to send you to school, now that you are a graduate it is time for you to take care of your younger siblings.” 

At the thought of those words, she gave out a hysterical laughter spiced with hot tears. People turned to look at her suspiciously but she couldn’t care less. Truthfully, dying there felt like a better option rather than returning home to her poor parents to inform them that once again she has failed in meeting their expectations and shouldering her responsibilities.

Ella wasn’t used to failing, she had always soared high in all her endeavors. While in school, she was one of the brightest students in her class and graduated with good grades. She couldn’t fathom how she was yet to get a job but her less witty course mates were basking good jobs. Again she let out another hysterical laughter, this one louder than the former and drew a larger attention to her. At this point, she pulled her wig, removed her jacket, and rolled her sleeves in an uneven manner. She was the perfect representation of frustration.

Against her own wish, her legs eventually got her to the bus stop, but rather than boarding a vehicle she sat on a bench lost in thought. She was awake but felt dreamy. Though sitting at a fixed position she felt as if the world was spinning, and would soon crash on her. She buried her head in her palms trying to shut out the loud voices of boarding passengers, drivers, and bystanders. Lately, she gets irritated and agitated by the voices of people and would always crave to be alone. 

Deep within her, she knew she was falling into depression but a part of her didn’t want to be saved. At that moment her phone rang, and against her better judgment, she refused to take her calls knowing full well the caller was most likely her mother trying to find out the outcome of her interview. She wasn’t ready to announce her failure so she snubbed her ringing phone though it rang five times.

Well, Ella was right about the caller, it was indeed her mother. However, this time around, was the call about her interview? No! In fact, compared to the reason for her mother’s repeated calls, getting rejected for the umpteenth time was modest. 

To be Continued…

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