Do you ever sit back and wonder why mothers are more appreciated? Fathers break their backs for their family to put food on the table, yet they are rarely their kids’ favourite.

This is because fathers mistake provision for care. Provision is at best an aspect of care. Care is way deeper. If you don’t know what showing care entails, kindly go read the poem ‘My Mother’ by Ann Taylor.

Mothers understand what showing care entails, this is why mothers are showered with more love.

Let me tell you a story to drive home my point.


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The Journey to School

All Victor wanted to say before alighting from the car was I love you daddy, but before he could utter the words, dad was yelling “Get down! Get down! Have you carried your bag? My friend, pick up your folder and leave this car.”

The devil works hard but daddy works harder. The words of affection hanging on Victor’s lips turned to tears in his eyes. Still, he turned to wave daddy goodbye but without sparing a glance, daddy zoomed off. Victor bent his head down as he walked to his class trying hard to hide his tears.

The End.

Dear Fathers|Aspiring Fathers, 

Children are not trophies. They are not a mere sign of your fertility, so show them love and care.

I am sure if after years of marriage, no child came forth you would have hopped from one doctor to another searching for solutions. Thankfully, you are gifted with children, so how hard is it to show them love and care?

The difference between how most men treat their children compared to mothers is massive.

During school drop off, a good number of men harshly send their children out of the car, without caring to wave goodbye.

Sometimes, some kids would halt and wave at their dads, but the gesture is never returned. You could see the hurt in their eyes as they proceeded to their classrooms. A sour way to start the day.

Honestly, I believe fathers can do better. Hug your children,  speak to them gently, and tell them you love them. Doing this won’t make you less of a man.

Care goes beyond paying for fees, clothes, games and exuberant vacations. Let your kids feel that they are loved by you.

Thumbs up to all the fathers who are breaking the stereotype and display affections for your kids. You all are superheroes without capes.

If you are yet to be a father, ensure to be an affectionate father when you become one. Your future kids deserve a caring dad.

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