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NEWS - Relationships - February 18, 2022

World Infamous Tinder Swindler Set To Start His Dating Show


Simon Leviev, the con man, the myth, and the legend. Simon Leviev, born on 27th September 1990 is an infamous Israeli con man. Before becoming popular as the Tinder Swindler, he has been convicted of theft, forgery and fraud.

The Tinder Swindler and His New Fame

The phrase, “There is no bad publicity”  has been verified to be true in Leviev’s case. The Netflix documentary “Twitter Swindler” exposes Leviev’s alleged con activities. Nonetheless, it appears this negative publicity is working in his favour.

According to recent reports, Simon Leviev has hired Gina Rodriguez as his manager. He is set to reinvent himself in Hollywood. 

In an unexpected twist, the infamous ex-convict plan to launch a dating show and write a book.


Interestingly, the content of his dating show will be women interested in his love. Also, these women will compete for the honour of his love. Indeed, Simon Leviev is annoyingly audacious.

In the “Twitter Swindler,” Leviev allegedly swindled different European women on Tinder. Furthermore, he conned a whopping ten million dollars from these women.

Nevertheless, Simon Leviev is not cowering about the allegations levelled at him. Instead, he is milking the situation to the fullest.

Though he has vehemently denied the allegations of swindling women on Tinder, he is set to use to his advantage the pros of being in the spotlight.

The “send me money, my enemies are after me” crooner, is unexpectedly turning things around for his betterment.

Will his new plans succeed? The jabs thrown at him for his actions seems to have little effect on him. Truly, one can never shame the shameless.


Finally, Leviev is seriously milking his newfound popularity and hopes to regive birth to himself in Hollywood with a dating show. 

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