A Nigerian yahoo boy expressed frustration and anger after falling victim to an alleged scam orchestrated by an Oyinbo man during an internet fraud attempt.

The footage captures a heated video call between the two, where the Asian man flaunted his ill-gotten gains, adding salt to the wound of the deceived Yahoo boy.

The Nigerian Yahoo boy, whose identity remains undisclosed, recounted his experience, stating that he was tricked into sending $100 to the foreign scammer.

Visibly hurt and betrayed, the yahoo boy lashed out at the Asian man, vowing to expose his identity by circulating his photo.


However, the cunning scammer remained unfazed, responding to the threat with laughter and a display of the luxurious food and drinks he purchased using the fraudulent money.

Feeling desperate and seeking retribution, the frustrated yahoo boy went to the extreme by issuing a chilling threat of using charms, known as juju, to inflict harm on the Asian scammer and potentially endanger his life.

Despite the gravity of the threat, the unscrupulous foreigner seemed unimpressed and dismissive, leaving the yahoo boy’s threats seemingly falling on deaf ears.

Netizens Reactions…

@kristopha_lavish50 said; “You go explain explain tire, because no evidence ????????”

@wattakofe said; “Una dey find high rate up and down ????????”

@kenny__hassan said; “Your picture i will use it to juju ???????? they play why don’t you use juju to collect your money.”

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