A South African relationship expert, Bakhe Dlamini who was a virgin at the time he met his virgin wife revealed that they never kissed all through the 10 years of dating.

Their love story began in high school in 2001 and they decided to embark on a relationship of meaningful connections than the pleasure of the flesh.

He disclosed in a Facebook post that he and his wife Nokwanda, a social worker, had been together for a decade before tying the knot, and during that entire dating period, they abstained from any sexual activity.

According to Dlamini, their first kiss occurred on their wedding day when they were united in matrimony by a priest.


In his words;

“So my wife & I never kissed during 10 years of dating. We met at high school, 2001, were prom mates following year, and we didn’t kiss. First time I kissed her was when the priest said, “You may kiss the bride”, 10 years later, 2 July 2011. Both of us were virgins too.

I had to be clear with her from word go that I respected her body, preferred we don’t even kiss. I believed in being a gentleman, not rushing a woman. I also mentioned to her that I prefer we don’t even kiss because I knew that the moment we kissed, we’d fall into the trap of sex before marriage.

I wanted us to get to marriage pure. We also believed in the biblical principle of “no sex before marriage”. So to those dating and believe in no sex before marriage, it’s possible. Cheers.”

“My wife and I never kissed during 10 years of dating" — Virgin couple reveals

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