3 Lessons I Learnt From Staying at Home for 6 Months.

Staying home for more than half a year has its own share of lessons; if you know where to look!

I still remember the first time I heard the government was returning all students home. I was so happy because I had tests lined up for the following week. For me, it was an opportunity to cover up topics I had yet to touch.

Fast forward, one month later, and I had packed my books into a box somewhere, realising that we could not resume anytime soon. Redundancy started to creep in and it began to seem like I was reliving the same day. Made even more so by the fact that almost everyone on my contact list had become entrepreneurs.

Did a sensitization happen without my knowledge? People I least expected started referring crypto-currency links to me, webinars were flying around faster than you could say Jack—and I still had no idea what I was going to do!

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Until one day, I decided to try my hand at writing. I had just read Ready Player One and it was mind-blowing what a person could create with just words. I wanted to be like him. No, I wanted to surpass him—and so I started. As I look back, though it’s been an arduous process with writer’s block, and lots of thinking, writing is still as enjoyable and engaging as it was four months ago.

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1. Lessons From Personal Experiences Stay With You Forever.

I can only wonder how many students over the country found passion, and lucrative careers, because of the pandemic. Opportunities, which we might never have seen if all we were concerned about was how to succeed at the next continuous assessment; not counting all the concomitant obligations that come with being a student. 

If anything, this pandemic has revealed that what matters in life is not what you are forced or required to do, but what you choose to do of your own free will. Some study because they have to, because it is required from an adolescent who cannot pay for his own apartment. Some go to fellowship because “Why not? I might as well go somewhere on a Sunday”.

2. Satisfaction and Fulfilment is Key.  

However, because of the pandemic, we have now come to realise that satisfaction and fulfilment has priority over all else. Whether that comes from communion with God, creating music, or even managing a business. In the words of Stephanie Lahart, life is too short not to focus on the things that bring you joy—the ones that make you smile.  

3. Excelling At What You Do is The Panacea For Mediocrity.

Let me also add that passion is not an excuse for mediocrity. After all, there are millions more people who have the talent that you have. How would you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, if not with skill? The better your skill, the higher up the success ladder you go, and the more exploits you can achieve.

Overall, this pandemic has been nothing short of a revelation. More and more students are beginning to realize that the world is not after your qualifications, but the problems you can solve with it. Find passion today—and develop yourself!

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