5 Reasons Why Women Cheat.

A lot of people have the belief only men cheat, I mean if that is true, who are these men cheating with? Single women alone? Of course not, so women cheat also. Last time, we talked about the reasons why men cheat, this time, let’s take a look at women infidelity.

Let’s check out 5 reasons why women cheat.

  • Women want intimacy: Women are more connected to their partner through non-sexual behavior, it could be as little as spending time with each other, playing together literally building a social life together, so when they are getting this from someone outside their partner, they cheat.
  • Women have so many expectations when they get into a relationship when these expectations are not met, they cheat with someone who meets their odds.
  • When women feel like they are not valued or appreciated, they begin to feel they are just been used, and women hate to feel that way, so they cheat with someone who treats them like a queen.
  • Loneliness: This is one of the major reasons why women cheat. Like I said, women like connection. Once a woman begins to feel lonely, even though she is in a relationship, and all efforts to put that in order have been in vain, she will cheat.
  • Dark Past: Women who faced early life trauma or sexual abuse while growing up, tend to respond to it.

Please join the discussion by making use of the comment section below, if you don’t agree with any of the reasons listed above, do let us know and why. Also, you could drop your reason why women cheat.

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