As always, the clock kept ticking and at last, we saw ourselves screaming eureka for we made it into the new year. To be honest, after a year that can be best described as controversial and deadly, surviving into a new year is no small feat. So congratulations to us all!

However, as we bask with gratitude for seeing a new year, it is essential to be conscious of the fact that if one craves for a good life, then “essence must precede existence.” Existing into a new year is good but not good enough. To ensure you have a great year marked with achievements and not broken dreams, you must reflect on the question; How do I ensure the new year is worthwhile?

The emergence of a new year does not drown or automatically solve the problems of the previous year. Setting goals and working towards attaining these goals is key. Goals vary, for human wants differ. However, there are 3 top goals everyone should pursue as we hope for a great year.

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The Three Most Important Goals

There are three important goals everyone must strive to achieve. 


1. Financial Stability 

There is more to life than just the consumption of three square meals. Having financial stability is a goal everyone should strive to aim for. In the words of Cecilia Wonah; 

People claim to love the smell of flowers, yet it is the smell of money that gets the world wild

An excerpt from the book “LIFE LESSONS; BEYOND LIFE’S PERIL.

Even if you are financially stable it is necessary to strive to grow and maintain your financial prowess. The absence or presence of money affects the quality of our lives, the attainment of our dreams, the medical care we can afford, and even the respect we command in society. Recently, a lady recounted how Dangote broke her heart to a thousand pieces.

Yet this was how she described her experience with him. 

Despite the heartbreak, she placed him on a pedestal worthy of a demigod. Striving to earn money this year is the route to a better life.

2. Be Happy

Life is fickle, and things can easily fall apart including our existence. Like the wind, a lot of people left us last year. No matter how hard we search we can never find them. They have left this physical realm to return no more. Therefore, work towards being happy and enjoying each moment because in Akon’s voice

Everything comes and goes, even the life we have is borrowed cause you’re not promised tomorrow. 

Suicide, depression, and mental health cases were on the high side last year. This year, kindly strive to stay happy and ensure you don’t fall into the pit of depression. This is a goal you should gun towards all year round.

To achieve happiness flee from toxic people and toxic relationships.

3. Love God

Someone said it is good to believe in God so that if God truly exists, you will be saved. However, if He turns out not to exist, you lost nothing.

Frankly, believing in God is a source from which we can draw strength and find hope even when the odds are stacked against us. If we can all love God, all the problems that haunt and torment our existence will cease to exist. With the love of God in our hearts, rape, racism, police brutality, bad governance, cruelty,  dishonesty, and other vices will be purge from our existence. It is most unfortunate, that the world is filled with religious people instead of lovers of God.

The core teachings of each religion are love, justice, humility, and morality. Unfortunately, our actions don’t reflect the true essence of religion. In this new year, love God and practice the essence of your religion. Religion should make our humanity bloom and boom.

Final Thought

In this new year be happy, make money, and trust God. Before committing that act, ask yourself if it will be pleasing to your creator. Together we can change the world. Happy New year.

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