5 Red Flags That Should Never Be Ignored In A Relationship.

When in a new relationship with someone you really like it feels so good, you don’t want it to end. Not like anyone goes into a relationship with the mindset, it should end, but then in most cases, a supposedly match made in heaven, can however blind you or turn a deaf ear to severe pessimistic behaviors.

These can include some bad personality traits, all these we refer to as Red Flags. Now these red flags are very obvious, but you are oblivious about it. It’s something you could easily spot in your friend’s relationship, but you can’t in yours.

Red flags when ignored can lead to some very bad things in your relationship, that you won’t be proud of talking about. what we Nigerians call “Mouth no fit talk this one”
Let’s take a look at what these Red flags are.

  • Being Disrespectful: In a relationship, there are meant to be boundaries, and you both are meant to respect each other boundaries. In a case whereby you notice your partner disrespects you both public and private, and even when you call him/her out on it, they get furious at you. Abeg Japa!!! Flee like Joseph did.
  • Moves Too Fast: He wants to know your whole family immediately, It’s not even been three weeks and he wants to see your parents. In every conversation he’s always bringing up marriage and how many kids he wants to have. Wow!! Slow down tiger, I get it, You can see your future in my eyes in Ed Sheeran’s voice, but come on, I don’t even know much about you. Whenever your supposed partner acts this way, please take a break, tell him/her to take things slow and if your SO doesn’t agree, just say it with me, Japa!!!
  • Too Clingy: If you are dating someone who is too clingy, then that’s a red flag, and you should be aware of it. He always wants you to be around him, he always wants you to spend the night over, He doesn’t give you any breathing space. That’s just too glaring. How can’t you see it? Please run away.
  • They are always on and off: Today he is acting all sweet and caring, tomorrow he is a total monster. He will beat you up today, tomorrow, he will bring flowers and go on his knees to apologize, and tell you how much he can’t live without you, Lori Iro. Don’t be deceived, Leave.
  • Isolates You From Family and Friends: If your supposed partner always separates you from your family and your friends, doesn’t let you have a life outside your relationship, then that is a red flag you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to.

Let me close with this, you can never change someone’s personality, don’t believe in fairy tales. No beast is going to turn into a handsome prince, and you should not be deceived, you can’t turn a red flag in a relationship into green.

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