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5 things to know before you move out of your parent’s house


Most young adults have dreams of leaving their parent’s homes and striking out on their own.

However, before you begin such an expenditure, there are some things you need to know.

Here’s a list of them below:

1. You will decorate your space yourself
Before you left home, you had so many interior decorating ideas and how you pictured your apartment would look like. When you finally get your own space, it will take months before you get your ideal apartment.


Mostly because you need a lot of money and you can’t buy everything at once. Secondly, construction takes time. You should have that in mind.

2. You will buy all the home appliances you need
You have to get every single home appliance. That includes a toaster, air-conditioner, washing machine, blender, refrigerator, generator, fan, television, cable and every appliance.

I remember when my dad visited me, he listed all the electronics and gadgets I should be getting. I only smiled and told him he can get it for me. My bank account could not handle such expense.

3. Home repairs and fix-up costs money
Whether you are installing something new or painting the place afresh when the workman tells you how much it costs, you are likely to say, “Is it not just painting?”

4. Living alone gets lonely
Perhaps you grew up with five brothers and two sisters but here you are now living on your own. The freedom was exciting but then it gets really quiet. At first, you might enjoy the quietness but it won’t take long before you miss human companionship.

5. Cleaning is hectic, having a roommate makes it worse
Having a clean space can be a lot of work, you have to constantly wash your dishes, sweep, mop and do your laundry.


On the flip side, living with someone else can be a chore because you are both adults and you wouldn’t like to control the other person if he/she is a slob who won’t clean up after themselves.

If you have evaluated all your options, you can decide living alone isn’t for you and continue staying with your parents but if you are ready to move out, bear these things in mind.

The woes of living alone gets better in time so you do not have to feel discouraged. Plus, having money reduces most of the problems you will likely encounter.

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