There is a saying that if you rush into a thing, you are for sure going to rush out of it, now I believe this is very practical, you need to think things through before going for it

Here are 5 things

  • Rushing Into Marriage: Marriage is a forever thing, you can’t make the biggest mistake of your life, by rushing into a marriage that is for better or worse.
  • Rushing Into Sex: In every relationship, I believe there should be an understanding, your partner shouldn’t pressurize you into having sex, If you both rush into sex, what’s the probability you both won’t lose interest in each other after?
  • Rushing into a new job: Nothing is as exciting as getting a job offer with an increase in salary and other good offers while working in a job that pays less. Most people would love to rush into such, but they don’t think of the challenges that may come with it.
  • Making Your Relationship Public: There are many reasons you shouldn’t rush into this, most especially because you may feel pressured to stay in a relationship that you aren’t comfortable with anymore.
  • Choosing A Gift: You don’t just get gifts because you think it’s expensive, so it will be suitable for the person, there should be a value the gift brings, it should be something that whenever the person sees it, all he/she remembers is you, so never rush into choosing a gift

Share with me, other things, you think one must not rush into, in the comment section below, and please do rate and share.

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