This Piece Could Save Your Life! 

That which was meant to save us is now linked to what is killing us. Is the world coming to an end, or are we paying the price of our civilization?

In the olden day’s people ate fresh meals, but today, processed foods are the other of the day. Therefore, food which is supposed to be a source of energy is now linked as an inducement of cancer according to health experts. The situation is tricky because even those foods we believe are suitable for our well-being, are the worst cancer-causing foods. Fate is indeed twisted.

Normally, when discussions like this pop-up, we wave our concerns away by tagging them mere speculations. I hope that this time around you heed these timely warnings.

Food & Substances That Are Bad For Your Health.


Alcohol is widely consumed all over the world and it is one substance that induces cancer. The funny twist is that some bottles of alcohol are so expensive that one of them could pay one’s rent for a year. Imagine paying heavily for your destruction? Life is filled with bitter ironies. Trust me, if you must drink, do so moderately.

Soft Beverages

Soft drinks are a normal part of our lives. Some people take them daily. Do you know that drinking two sodas weekly doubles the risk of pancreatic cancer? Staying away from soda is staying close to healthy living. Not all that is tasty is healthy.

Refined Sugars

Refine sugars alter insulin levels and enhance cancer development. Honestly, cancer cells are huge fans of refined sugars. Your cancer cells bloom each time you eat anything containing refined sugar. If you want to stay far from cancer, stay away from anything with refined sugars. E.g Candies.

Diet Foods

People interested in losing weight or regulate their sugar levels often opt for meals or drinks with a diet tag. Such as diet sodas.  Sadly, these so-called diets contain “aspartame.” Aspartame is artificial sugar and it is unhealthy and can induce a range of diseases including cancer.

Smoked Foods

They are as yummy as they are unhealthy. Smoke foods such as barbecue consume smoke which comprises the similar pitch utilized in cigarettes. Just as smoking cigarettes can induce lung cancer, smoked foods can induce stomach cancer. Though they are highly tasty, eating them regularly is deadly.

Canned Foods

Canned and processed foods are presented with chemicals that are seriously unhealthy and can induce cancer. Normally the Lycopene In tomatoes aid in reducing the risk of cancer, however, canned tomatoes are devoid of this advantage thanks to the presence of chemicals used in preserving it. Eating processed food is unhealthy and should be avoided fervently. Eating fresh food does not only boost our nutrition, it sheds us from a lot of diseases. 


We need to eat to live, but we must eat right if we will survive for long. Foods are meant to give us energy and nutrients. However, when we eat wrongly we could induce cancer for ourselves. It is not how tasty, it is how healthy.

Eat right, live right!


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