A lot of people believe that long distance relationships can never work.

Your friends and family may discourage and give you multiple reasons why you shouldn’t engage in one.

They advice you that it may get you broken considering what it entails and you probably might not be able to cope with it.

Yes, the fact remains that long distance relationship aren’t easy – true! But what do you do when a situation arises that you’ve got to be miles away from each other? How do you and your partner keep the vibe of the relationship going?

To keep your love alive and strong, here are 6 tips to make your long distance relationship work:

  1. Avoid excessive communication with each other.

You and your partner do not need to communicate for long hours a day. 

You two don’t need this to make up for the distance. It eventually leads to you both running out of things to talk about and thus, you get tired of “loving”.

Don’t be overly sticky – it worsens the relationship!

  1. Keep each other updated

Tell your partner what’s happening around you and with you – even the little things. This creates an avenue for you two to gist and gossip and ensures that you never run out of topics to talk about. 

  1. See it as an opportunity

Distance creates avenue between you and tour partner to bond together.

After all, you’ve got to learn how to live apart before learning to live together.

See it as a test of your love for each other instead of thinking that its pulling you two apart.

  1. Try to communicate regularly 

It’s so essential that you both greet each other ” good morning” and “good night” everyday.

You could even swag it up by sending each other pictures, audio clips and short videos. This makes your partner feel loved and attended to.

  1. Spend your spare time with your loved ones.

Apparently, there were certain things that you do before you met your partner that keeps you happy and busy. You’re alone but not lonely only you feel so.

Your whole doesn’t have to revolve around your partner. Take this time apart to do other interesting things with your family and friends – get a new hobby, go to the gym often, watch movies, e.t.c.

  1. Make visit to each other

This gives you and your partner the chance to fulfill little things like holding hands, kissing, hugging e.t.c  which are very special and intimate for people in long distance relationship.

There you go! 6 amazing tips for you and your partner. Make that long distance relationship work.

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