Nengi Might Not Survive Next Week (Read Why)

Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition is fast coming to an end. Next week Sunday the 27th of September is the grand finale. The end of 71 days of entertainment and drama.  Fortunately for her, Nengi was the first to earn a spot in the finale by winning the head of house games. The Bayelsa beauty queen has zero strikes and is most unlikely to get disqualified, yet she might not survive the finale week.

Why might Nengi struggle during the last week of the game? She is extremely attached to her fellow housemate Ozo, who is currently up for eviction against strong contenders like Laycon and Dorathy. If you are wondering why Dorathy might be too strong for Ozo to beat in the polls then you should read this previous article; Kiddwaya has been evicted and another housemate is set to benefit massively.

Last night, a tipsy Nengi confessed to Ozo whose love advances she has rejected several times, that she won’t be able to survive a week in the house without him. If someone else has said those words, I probably would not take it seriously because talk is cheap. However, Nengi has shown on several occasions that she is deeply attached to Ozo though she refused to date him in the house. 

The duo wash together, eat and cook together. It is claimed that when one of them is in the bathroom the other one waits by the door. Ozo even escorts her to the toilet. Wow!

In her latest diary session, the 22-year-old confided in Biggie that though her head was in the game, she placed her relationship with Ozo over the game. She had once wept bitterly in the diary room simply because she felt Ozo was avoiding her after getting a strike for writing her a love letter. She wept so bitterly that Biggie advised her to make other friends, but she bluntly refused. According to her, no one in the house can take Ozo’s place in her life. To crown it all, she does not eat without Ozo. Wow! Wow! Wow!

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So ladies and gentlemen, if Ozo gets evicted this Sunday, the strong and dogged headed queen might transit into a broken woman. Will a sad Nengi become a wrecking ball? Will she keep to her promise of not being able to last a week without him? Are we going to see a scene such as;

Ebuka: Ozo you are hereby evicted from the Big Brother’s house. You have 10 minutes to exit the house.

Nengi: Ozo wait for me to get my bag. I’m leaving with you. LOL!

I hope for her happiness Ozo is saved from eviction. 

Final Thoughts

The game is coming to an end and alliances are being forged to stop Laycon from winning. Tomorrow’s poll will determine if Laycon is still on the path to winning or not.

To all the fans of each housemate, remember it is just a game. Quit threatening to kill these housemates simply because they had issues with your favorite. Enjoy the game and avoid toxic behavior.

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