6 white lies that are completely okay to tell your partner in a relationship

6 white lies that are completely okay to tell your partner in a relationship

Little white lies are like ‘compassionate giving’ in a relationship. You want your partner to feel good (or not feel bad) so you say certain things you might not feel.

Omitting the complete truth to spare someone’s feelings is the new normal in relationships that even you can try adopting.

Here are some white lies that are okay to say in a relationship:

1. Hiding things when a relationship first starts off
Nobody goes on the first date and blurts out that they hate their parents for singling them out during their childhood. Like that would throw the other person off if you drop such a harsh piece of news in the beginning. So it is completely okay to skip over some information or hide it for a bit to keep yourself safeguarded unless you feel comfortable enough in the relationship.

2. Sexting them ‘naughty something’s’ saying you’re naked and horny, even if you’re not
Sexting but lying about it doesn’t mean you’re not in the mood to read something raunchy. It just means you are lazy to put in the effort but do crave the thrill. So it is completely fine if you’re typing, “Baby, I’m in my bed wearing the lace corset you gifted me for my birthday, feeling thirsty for you,” while sitting on your sofa watching a show you’ve lost interest in, eating takeout food with your four-day-old unwashed hair.

3. Keeping your feelings about one-off things to yourself
You don’t like spending hours at brunch with their mom and her friends, you didn’t like the concert your boyfriend’s brother dragged you two to, you didn’t find his best friend genuine–all these things come under the “happened once, can avoid later” list. You can avoid saying that you didn’t like it and just end it saying, “it was fun.”

4. Saying you like their gift, even when you don’t
See, ladies, the thing is that not all men know the power of gifting. You are amongst the lucky few who didn’t have to drop hints to just get them to buy you something. So appreciate what they got you and say, “I love it!”. The trick here is that you just have to steer them towards better gifting options in the future–still better than teaching that a gift is important.

5. Not telling them about your crushes or who flirted with you
It is human to find other people attractive and it is not micro-cheating. It is also not important to mention every time someone flirts with you unless you feel uncomfortable with it. Your partner can live without this information which will add zero value to your relationship and might just add jealousy or insecurity.

6. Saying ‘I miss you’ when you don’t
If the other person feels good about your message and you lose nothing, then what’s the harm?

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