This is a sequel to a post I wrote not too long on the 7 Rare Bible names to give your Girl-child, if you haven’t checked it out, please do so. Well, today we will be looking at the ones you can give to your Boy-Child.

So rather than, Peter, Paul, Joseph, David, let’s see some other unique Bible names, you can give him.

  1. Asher: Asher is the son of Jacob, and his tribe is one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Its origin is Hebrew meaning Happy and Blessed.
  2. Benjamin: The youngest of the 12 sons of Jacob. Its origin is Hebrew meaning Son of the right hand.
  3. Ethan: Ethan was noted for his wisdom and he is said to be the author of Psalm 89. Its origin is Hebrew meaning, Solid and Enduring.
  4. Gabriel: He appears in both the Old and New Testament as an Archangel sent with messages from God to Mary, Daniel, and Zechariah.
  5. Jesse: He was the father of David, who became the second king of Israel. Its origin is Hebrew, meaning Gift.
  6. Seth: The third son of Adam and Eve, and was the ancestor of Noah. Its origin is Hebrew, meaning Appointed.
  7. Jason: Jason was an early Jewish convert to Christianity. Its origin is Greek, meaning he that cures.

These names carry a history that is very nice to have as a part of your child’s story. Do let us know if you have suggestions for other rare Bible names for the Boy Child in the comments section below.

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