As the singer continues to take Nigerian music to greater heights…

Nigerian singer and afrobeat singer Adedeji Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid has achieved another international feat as his song “come closer” featuring Drake has been certified “platinum” in the Uk and “Gold” in Australia.

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Just two months ago, Wizkid bagged a Grammy award for his contribution to Beyoncé “brown skin girl” song. The song won the “Best Music Video” category at the award show. Shortly afterwards, his 2017 project with Canadian superstar Drake has taken the African music to another level.

Africa Facts Zone confirmed on twitter via a tweet that his song “come closer” with Drake has sold 600,000 in the Uk and 35,000 in Australia.

Wizkid's come closer becomes certified platinum in the UK and silver in Australia

According to the BRITS Certified Awards website, songs are awarded Platinum status when they achieve 600,000 units of sales. Songs are awarded the gold status for 400,000 units and silver for 200,000 units of sales. However, these facts are based on Official Charts Company data.

Meanwhile, Leandro Hidalgo, who is the mixing engineer for the song, took to his instagram page to show off the plaque for the achievement.

Wizkid's come closer becomes certified platinum in the UK and certified silver in Australia

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