Lately I’ve been writing on topics that really lays a lot of emphasis on the children, teenagers and young adults. So, I decided to do something extra, like have a one on one discussion with three teenagers and the first one went like this.

  • Teenager: Hello, I’m Britney
    • I: Hey Britney, How are you doing?
    • Teenager: I’m good. Hope you doing fine?
    • I: Yea sure. So I think you know why you are here
    • Teenager: Yes I do
    • I: OK. That’s great, but let me just go over it again. So you know I’m a writer and i focus mainly on issues affecting the teenagers and young Adults. So I wanted to pause for a while and actually talk to these teenagers one on one and hear from the horses mouth
    • Teenager: Yea, that’s pretty amazing. I’m just kinda nervous cause I don’t know the questions you are gonna be asking
    • I: It’s fine. You just need to be calm and completely real with me okay?
    • Teenager: Okay sure let’s start
    • I: A brief introduction about yourself
    • Teenager: My name is Britney Adam. I am 18 years old. Yes, I’m legal, even though my parents don’t still see me as that. I finished high school last year but haven’t gotten admission into the University.
    • I: Britney what do you think teenage life is like to you?
    • Teenager: To me, I feel teenage life is that stage whereby we as teenagers, we want to experience everything and then we end up making wrong choices at some point that will ruin us.
    • I: Hmm, I see. Let me take you back to what you said ” We want to experience everything” what things do you mean exactly
    • Teenager: I’m a teenager, so I’ll use myself as an example, most teenagers will be able to relate. Especially when I was in secondary school and even up till now, there are many things I did and still want to do. I wanted to know what it feels like to be in a relationship, so i got into one. I wanted to know the feeling of a breakup, so i had one and I’m sure I cried the most. The feeling of going to parties. The feeling of hustling for myself even when my parents were able to fund me in all aspect, all i had to do was ask, doing basically everything my friends were doing so it won’t look like my teenage life was boring.
    • I: Okay Britney. So I want to know along the line and still now, do you think there are some bad things you’ve faced due to some of the wrong choices you made?
    • Teenager: Definitely. for one, I suck at relationships right now because i have a lot of expectations whenever I’m in a relationship and I feel most guys can’t keep to it, so I don’t even bother again. I mean yea, for every choice there is a consequence. If you make a good choice then the result is good, but if you make a bad choice you face the consequence. I’ve made a lot of wrong choices from depending on friends too much to one stabbing me at the back to relationship issues even to academic issues, like i was having poor grades and all that got me so depressed at some point. I think I was sixteen then and the only person that was there for me was my mum, and she kept advising me, she kept having my back at things, I could solely depend on her.
    • I: So for once you didn’t have the problem of strict parenting cause many do face that?
    • Teenager: Not at all. My dad was a bit strict cause he started this curfew thing. ” You must be back home latest 8pm” and it affected some of my paroles, you grab? but i can’t really say my parents caged me, they didn’t. I was given enough freedom but trust me it was backed up with words of advice and things a child of God shouldn’t do and that made me know my boundaries at things.
    • I: Okay so I’m almost getting to the last question. What has all this taught you so far?
    • Teenager: Well, like i said I’ve made some mistakes and i know I’m still gonna make others but so far I think I’ve learnt and I guess that’s the best part of growing, learning from my mistakes so I don’t get to make those mistakes anymore. I’ll just leave you with one thing I’ve learnt so far is not to rely fully on people, cause people fail but God doesn’t, so you know who to rely on now.
    • I: So lastly, Please do leave a word of advise for the teenagers and young adults there.
    • Teenager: You’ve heard my story, some of you can relate, some can’t which is fine but please and please don’t let anyone pressure you into doing what’s not right. I’m not saying don’t enjoy your teenage life. Enjoy it but use sense, don’t go making wrong choices cause you will face the consequences. Always learn from your mistakes and don’t make same again and lastly. Be You. Do You.
    • I: It was really nice talking to you and I’m sure my viewers learnt a lot, you know I’ll be sharing this right.
    • Teenager: Thank you so much for having me and yeah you can share it, I feel a lot of teenagers like me will learn a lot.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed interviewing this and also writing this. I have two more teenagers to talk to. So please stay tuned to my next posts. Thanks.

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  1. Well, I’m above teenage age but believe me, I really enjoyed this interview. It reminds of the good old days ?

    1. Thanks guys..I’m glad this was enlightening…my next interview is coming out’s gonna be lovely..please guys don’t forget to share

  2. This is super nice. You could do more interviews. It’s helps getting relatable information direct from the source.

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