Are You Marriageable?

The act of getting married is a societal culture that cuts across tribe, religion, and race. Even from a tender age, it is normal to fantasize about getting married and host a groundbreaking wedding. In fact, at a certain age, even the most conservative parents expect their children to come home with their prospective spouses. In the ancient period, parents betrothed their children from birth. However, is marriage for everyone?

Despite popular opinion, marriage is not for everyone. Marriage is not for you if you fit into any of the categories about to be enlisted in this piece. Take a deep breath as you are about to find out whether you are marriageable, and if you are not, it is still fine. There is more to life.

A Serial Cheat

If you are incapable of staying faithful to one partner kindly do not get married. Getting married as a serial cheat is sentencing your partner to a life of emotional turmoil and regular disgrace. This will consequently affect the psychology of the children born into such a home. So if you feel forever is too long a time to stay faithful to one partner, don’t venture into marriage. 

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior is unhealthy in marriage. If you are aggressive and take the path of violence during a dispute kindly stay away from marriage. In marriage, there will be disputes on several occasions between couples, therefore, if you are violent you could abuse and hurt your spouse dangerously. No one deserves an aggressive partner. 

Financially Irresponsible

A financially irresponsible individual should stay away from marriage. Being financially impossible could lead to making bad decisions that will have adverse effects on your spouse and kids. Financial irresponsibility can lead you to debt and cause your family hardship. If you are financially irresponsible and can’t plan for the future, stay away from marriage.

God Complex

If you have a “God complex” and you see nothing wrong in it, do well to stay away from marriage. In marriage, the ability to apologize and bend for your partner is imperative. With a God complex, you might end up becoming an emotionally abusive spouse that feels superior.

Extremely Secretive

An extremely secretive person is not marriageable. In marriage, your partner should not be kept in the dark. If you are unable to bring people into the depth of your life then no need to walk down the aisle with them.

Trust Issues/Extreme Jealousy

Kindly remain single if you are unable to trust anyone including your love interest, or you are extremely jealous and insecure. These unhealthy traits can lead you into hurting your partners both emotionally and physically. Do not get married to someone’s child and drain them emotionally due to your trust issues.

Final Thoughts.

No one is perfect still going into marriage with the enlisted behavior patterns is destructive to both you and your partner. Ensure you outgrow the above mentioned before venturing into marriage.

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