Biggie-the Real Awa Fierce.

The concept of Big Brother is Control

Change is constant, but the one thing that isn’t changing is my continuous juicy updates on the Big Brother Naija show until day 71. In this journey, I am holding the wheels firm and I am taking you all on a cruise.


Biggie went on a vacation and the house turned into a madhouse. Housemates broke the rules without a single care. The Head of House and his deputy were far from being in control. Nevertheless, viewers were entertained as various brands gave the housemates tasks that involved the creation of jingles. Vee and Laycon showcased their musical prowess and it was a delightful experience.

While Biggie was away, love was in the air, and caution was thrown to the wind. Ozo stayed glued to Nengi. Erica and Kiddwaya took their PDA to another level. Even the kitchen counter could not be spared. Lucy became drawn towards Praise, and a relationship was anticipated by viewers. Considering the fact Praise’s fiance is older than him, it is safe to say he likes older women. 

Ironically, while love was blowing in the air for some housemates, Vee and Neo had issues over food. It is funny how that couple can quarrel and make a fuss over petty things. Tolanibaj and Prince were found shaking because of Prince’s refusal of PDA. The goodness is all the fighting couples made up. None of the ships sank.

The Return of Biggie 

Biggie returned and the housemates were excited to have Biggie back, like children get excited over Santa Claus. Unfortunately, Big Brother had other plans. However, unlike Santa, he came bearing gifts of punishment.

Biggie was pissed with the housemate’s unruly behavior in his absence therefore they lost their wager again. Also no hot water for bathing this week.

Ozo, Kiddwaya, and Tolanibaj all got a strike. Erica got two strikes. She got a strike for whispering to Kiddwaya, and another one for spending the night in the Head of House lounge till 3 am. 

Additionally, Kiddwaya was barred from participating in the HOH Games for 3 weeks, while Erica and Tolanibaj were barred for a week. Erica is closed to the edge, one wrong move and she is out. 


Trikytee, Vee, Wathoni, and Praise were the four housemates with the least votes. Housemates voted for the eviction of Praise. Actually, there was a tie between Wathoni and Praise. Both of them were voted out by six housemates. Therefore, the Head of House (Kiddwaya) was given the power to evict one of them and he chose Praise. In his diary session, he stated that he voted Praise out since he bullies Laycon and Brighto.

Trikytee was third time lucky. This was the third time he was up for eviction and was not voted out by housemates. Man is either extremely lucky or just too nice. Well, he lives to fight another day.


Ebuka broke tables beyond repair during the eviction show. 

Brighto outrightly denied him saying Neo was fake. Tolanibaj accepted that she said she didn’t want to be in the same group with Lucy. While Vee openly accepted that she told Laycon to stop talking to Erica. Vee maintaining her stance was both brave and commendable.

Frankly, this Laycon and Erica saga is getting stale. Erica said she was done with Laycon, and Laycon confided with Biggie that he was tired of the whole situation. I guess this is the end of a friendship that was once beautiful. I hope they both move on and focus on the game.

Head of House Games.

Ozo won the HOH game for the second time and he chose Nengi as his deputy. It seems Ozone is about to sail. 

Ozo remains the only HOH that won the wager under his regime. Let’s see if, under his leadership, housemates will win the wager again. In this week’s wager, they are all expected to make a creative painting of their individual heroes. I look forward to their Thursday presentation and so should you.

Final Thoughts

The game is getting more intense and unpredictable. Prince was among those with low votes last week, I didn’t see that coming. To avoid wailing, do well to vote for your favorite housemate. Bye for now.

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