The cryptocurrency market is once again gaining traction following the recent increase in the value of Bitcoin (BTC). Various speculations exist as to regarding the upsurge, but the most agreeable reason is the growing rate of adoption by institutional investors across the globe. Bitcoin was indeed the currency of choice for protesters of the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria. This decision was due to the government’s attempt to disrupt the protest by blocking the account numbers of key individuals that are supporting the protest.

As the market continues to see from a bullish trend, the growing question now is how to benefit from it. Without much ado, here are three ways you can profit from the market:

Disclaimer! These suggestions are not a piece of financial advice but ventures that are working for me 100% at this moment.


The term HODL means ‘to hold’ which was wrongly spelt by a drunk crypto enthusiast. With this method, I buy a specific number of bitcoins every month irrespective of the price. I also invest only amounts I am sure that I am willing to lose so, if the market is down or up, I just buy and forget. I have made significant profits over time.

#2 Copy Reputable Crypto Traders

With social trading Apps like eToro, a complete novice can earn significant profits from crypto trading. All that is required is to install the app, fund your account with bitcoin and then find a reputable trader and copy that person. eToro trading is to some extent, too advanced for some persons, so, I suggest that you invest some time in understanding the app before funding your account.

#3 Passive Income, Referral Earning Package

If you are familiar with past programs like Zarfund, then Anonimuz is for you. Anonimuz is a 2×7 Forced-Matrix Bitcoin Donation System that allows a user to sign up with 0.001BTC and invite just two persons. When you join Anonimuz, you join a community of like-minded members and the program is private, and you can only join by being invited through a member’s subscribe link. Anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet, and the willingness to become a member can become a member of Anonimuz. You can sign up using my unique referral link here.

And so there you have it, guys. My three methods to benefiting from bitcoin have been safe and profitable for me. Remember that I only invested funds that I could afford to lose all the time. Do reply me with a question if you have any.

Take care!

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