An unhappy couple

As emotional beings, the actions of humans can not be predictable. Although some persons make it easy for them to be read, others have mastered the art of masking their feelings. These set of people only show you what they want you to know, nothing more or less.

Over time, I have come to realize that most times these people have at one point in their lives experienced a major or semi-major trauma. With this type of incident stamped in their background, you really can not expect them to be as open as the regular adult.

No one prays for bad things to happen to them, but then bad things happen to even good people, so then, they really can not be blamed. A man or woman who was molested sexually as a child may find it difficult to relate with the opposite gender.

A woman who watched her mom get beaten by her dad regularly may avoid any form of serious relationships. Or a lady who wasn’t shown much love from her nuclear family whilst growing up may turn out to be cold, bitter and sad.



So in essence, understanding factors like these help us deal with partners we think are difficult. This applies to people who already have underlying sociological issues.

Now there are people who have had a smooth childhood but still end up a mess. They simply choose on their own to be unruly and difficult to deal with. Everyone around them have similar opinions on how they behave.

Nothing you do ever pleases them, they are never satisfied with your work, complain of everything, from the way you talk to them, to how you cook, how you walk, how you eat. Literally everything you do pisses them off.

You may wonder why stay back with him or her? But then that constant love is one reason folks would rather cope with a difficult partner than leave them.

Understanding the type of person you’re in a relationship with is very important. Knowing how to live with a difficult partner is importanter.

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