She Can Have it All – Beauty and Brains.

She Can Have it All – Beauty and Brains.

There is a stereotype of pretty women being less knowledgeable. To many, a pretty girl is like a dolly bird. However, the women of Big Brother Naija are changing the narrative.

The Head of House Competition has been held four times, and it has been won three times by women. During their wager task on fun facts about Nigeria, we saw two pretty women, Erica and Nengi answering their questions correctly. In fact, one of the top winners of competitions organized by various brands is Erica.

Big Brother Naija is a social experiment, and from this experiment, we can all see that a lady can be both beautiful and intelligent. 

Boss Ladies.

Though the self-acclaimed boss lady Ka3na has since been evicted, the female housemates have proven to be boss ladies without calling themselves one.

Tolanibaj has shown to all that when a woman wants a man she can actually do the chase. Frankly, in her relationship with Prince, she seems to be the boss. She has the wheels and she is making all the turns, while giving him terms and conditions.

Emotional Strength

Emotional strength seems to be the forte of the women of Big Brother Naija season 5. Wathoni has lost out on quite a handful of men in the house, but she stays glowing. She dealt with rejection way better than all the rejected men. 

It was joyful to see Laycon back to his usual intelligent and bubbly self this week. Frankly, it was all thanks to Vee and Neo. Especially Vee.

A beautiful friendship has blossomed between Laycon and Vee as she helps him get over Erica and focus on the game. 

Also, Dorathy has let go of her friendship with Ozo and she is moving on bravely. Letting go of someone you really like is never easy but Dorathy is doing this and oozing emotional strength.

Winning and Participation.

In all the competitions organized in the house by brands, Erica has won the most. Followed closely by Kiddwaya. 

The ladies don’t just win they contribute immensely. Dorathy has proven to be an asset in any team and this was confirmed by both Laycon and Kiddwaya as their team killed the Patricia competition.

Both Laycon and Kiddwaya affirmed they would love to be in the same team with Dorathy in future competitions.


The pretty females of Big Brother Naija are in charge of their love lives in the house. None of the ladies are pushovers in their various relationships. Rather, it seems the men are struggling to keep up. This narrative is worthy of emulation.

The ladies seem to know what they want, and they are not settling for less. 


Though none of the female HOH has won the wager in their tenure, they all did quite well in maintaining the orderliness of activities in the house. Though Erica blew hot a couple of times, she displayed good leadership skills by always apologizing.

Their wager which was a campaign against rape tagged, “No Means No” was well executed in my humble opinion. Erica’s acting skill is unmatched in the house, and Laycon’s spoken words were perfect for the campaign. However, Biggie wasn’t pleased as the presentation was brief. Also, the deputy HOH Kiddwaya is officially indebted to Biggie.

Nevertheless, the housemates went ahead to play games and have fun.

Final Thoughts 

Never judge anyone by their looks, and pretty women are not dense. A woman can be beautiful and still intelligent. Classic yet humble. Stylish but competitive. The women of Big Brother Naija (Lockdown) are a perfect definition of the phrase; “Never judge a book by the cover.”

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