#EndSARS: “End Protests Now! The Ovation is At Its Loudest” — CSO

#EndSARS: “End Protests Now! The Ovation is At Its Loudest” — CSO

During a Press Conference held in Abuja on Sunday, the Coalition for Civil Society (CSO) for Good Governance has appealed to the #EndSARS protesters to end the protests now that the “ovation is at its loudest.”

The convener of the coalition, Comrade Olayemi Success said he had to make this appeal following reports of violence, levity, as well as hostility displayed by the protesters.

“Our checks show that the protests have been hijacked by vested interests hence the latest violent trend resulting to loss of man power due to deliberate road blocks by the protesters.

The protesters may lose credibility and acceptability of well-meaning Nigerians if the protests persist. We want to remind them that their right to protest ends where others’ right to enjoy peaceful atmosphere, devoid of road blocks, commences.”

Recall that on Friday, two people died in Edo State, after thugs attacked the protesters, shooting sporadically and leaving many injured. Reportedly, the protesters took the fight back to the hoodlums at Kings’ Square; further escalating tension—plus injuries. This is not counting the hundreds of roadblocks set to disrupt traffic, constraining the common man.

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As conveyed by Pulse, the group also appealed for the urgent resolution of the conflict between Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government, so that lecturers can return to the classrooms.

“If students go back to school, the mass of idle youths will be reduced. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. More than 70 percent of the protesters are being used by vested interests for their selfish purposes,” he said.

He went on to commend the efforts of the Inspector General of Police, the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies for their professional handling of the protests. In his words, Nigerians should endeavour to give them the much-needed support needed to preserve the lives and property of the citizens.

Meanwhile, despite reports that the Federal Government has set up panels to approve the 5 for 5 demands set by the youth, the protests seem a long way from coming to an end. It is becoming increasingly clearer that the Nigerian Youth want more than just #EndSARS.

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