You could dare to argue that the sun rising in the east is not a fact that will forever be constant. You could even argue that everything in life is not in a state of flux. Nevertheless, one constant in life that you can’t even deny is the association of pain to human existence. 

There can never be a life lived that did not experience pain. It may be absent today, only to hug you tightly tomorrow. So tight you would struggle to breathe. Actually, to dream that pain will end is to dream of life ending. Hey! Lest I forget, even the life after here is associated with pain except you make heaven. Life is like the sea. It is so beautiful, yet breathtakingly cruel.

Pain can either be physical or mental. We cannot escape pain because there will always be reasons for us to be in pain. An innocent toddler could accidentally fall and feel pain. A frail old lady could lose a child and feel pain once again. In fact, we cry at birth, making pain a universal language. 

From cradle to the path of the grave life is interwoven with pain. So knowing how to deal with pain is a necessary life skill. It is one of the life hacks that are necessary for survival. So sit back and relax as I introduce you to some of the ways I handle pain.

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Notable Ways to Handle Pain.

In the words of Helen Keller, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” When it comes to pain, the goal is to live in order to fight another day. This article will help you attain this goal.

Accepting the Fact that Pain is Inevitable. 

Pain is like that family member you don’t like but you can’t stop him/her from paying you visits. Viewing pain as an intrinsic part of life gives you the mental strength needed to overcome it. 

Since I made peace with the fact that happiness will sometimes wither away and my soul can get consumed with pain, I have come to learn how to deal with pain healthier, without screaming “WHY ME.” The question “why me, ” if peered objectively has flawed intentions. I mean, if not you, who? Who deserves the misfortune or pain? 

Pain is inevitable. Know this and know peace. It is the bitter truth about life.

Speak Up!

Trust me when I say it is better to be a talking drum than drown in sorrows. Speak up concerning your pain. Speaking up about pains is not limited to emotional issues. It will surprise you how a lot of people with medical issues have lost their lives simply because they never spoke up.

I remember a relative that had pains in her breast but never spoke up until it was too late. This is the sad reality of life. Always speak up about your pains. Both physical and emotional. Depression is real, don’t mask your pain behind a smile. Speak on it! 

Visit a Therapist.

It’s saddening to note that therapy is not common in this part of the world. Speaking to a therapist is a great way to deal with pain and should be encouraged. What is mostly obtainable over here is speaking to your spiritual leader. However, most spiritual leaders are not trained psychologists and tend to view things from a spiritual perspective.

Also, with a certified therapist, you can open up freely without the fear of being judged. It will be best to normalize visiting a therapist when going through emotional pains.

Pray About it.

I’m not the most spiritual person in the block, but I know praying has a way of soothing our pains. When I’m down, or pained about anything in life, I pray about it and it gives me the hope that whatever I’m going through will end.

Positive Affirmations.

When life throws at you woes that cause you pain, as you go through the hassle positive affirmations should be your watchword. Personally, I always remind myself that since life is not infinite, neither will my pain be. With these words, I find the strength to fight till I overcome.

Frankly, pain is never pleasant but it is what it is. Pain is inevitable, but it should never find a home in you. If possible make it an “August Visitor.”

Finally, cut off from whatever intentionally causes you pain. Be it a toxic family, friends, or workplace. In the words of Epicurus, “Pleasure is the sole good man. The sort of pleasure that is devoid of pain.”

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