How To Know It’s Time To Leave A Relationship.

For a fact, people get into Relationships for different reasons, gone are the days when everyone gets into a relationship because they are “in love”.
I’ve seen a lot of people who were in abusive relationships and toxic relationships but still stayed in that relationship because they were getting some perks out of it. Do you think that’s right, would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.
Well for those who want to know, when it’s the right time to leave a relationship. This is for you.

1) You feel like it’s a duty to stay with your partner:

Now it’s like you can’t even complain about certain things you don’t like in your relationship, you can’t voice out about how abusive and insecure your partner is because your family, colleagues, friends are benefiting from him. So it’s like whenever you bring up the topic of ” It’s high time I leave this man” then they give you many reasons you shouldn’t go. My dear to be honest with you, you need to leave that relationship because you need to think of your wellbeing first before anyone around you.

2) You are always blamed for everything:

In a relationship, is normal for problems to arise, but in cases like this, both parties should identify the problem and try solving them, but in a case where only one party is always blamed, then that is wrong, and if that keeps on happening even after complaining about it, It’s time to leave.

3) Your Needs aren’t met:

The last time I wrote on something like this, I said a lot of people get into marriages because they expect “All” their needs to be met. I laid emphasis on all, that doesn’t mean some needs won’t be met. In a relationship where no need is met at all, I don’t even know if I should call that a relationship? It’s time to leave dear.

4) Key things aren’t put into action:

A relationship where there is no Trust, Loyalty, Communication. That’s not even a relationship, to begin with, so just in case you find yourself in a relationship as such, and you talked about it, but your partner doesn’t feel there is a problem, It’s time to leave ‘o’ clock.

5) You are scared of your partner:

This is mostly found in a relationship where the age gap is really much, or one’s social status is higher than the other. I don’t think you should even be in a relationship with someone you are scared of, you can’t joke with the person, you can’t talk leave your feelings with the person, cause you are reminded every time of who you are and how you both are not mates. It’s time to leave.

6) Physical, Verbal, and Emotional Abuse become normal:

Well, you are in a relationship with someone and you are called all sorts of names, you are beaten, you are abused in different ways. Don’t even have the thought of staying, walk out of that relationship, don’t be so blinded by love, for your wellbeing, It’s time to leave.

7) When You are always reminded of how indebted you are to the person:

You are always reminded that you owe your partner, for how good and helpful he has being to you and your family, and you can’t afford to complain, cause you “owe” him. Please let’s be reminded that you don’t enter into a relationship to pay debts. It’s time to leave.

If you’ve ever noticed these red flags in your relationship, please It’s time to leave that relationship. It’s better to leave that relationship now, than leave in marriage where vows have been taken and all.

Lastly I want you to understand that a relationship can’t work without the two parties involved, whatever issue you both are facing, should be spoken about and resolved, but where you keep speaking about a particular thing and nothing is changing. If you know you can’t deal with it. Please It’s time to leave.

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