How To Let Go Of What You Can’t Control.

In life, letting go is one of the hardest things to do, be it relationships, dreams, passion and people whatever you may have grown attached to. Despite the fact that it is a very hard part, it is also the best option in most cases, especially in cases you can’t control.

The truth of the matter is a lot of us find it very hard to let go of things that matter to us, despite its havoc in our lives. We tend to hold tight to these things until they are forcibly taken from us.

This post is to enlighten you on how to let go of what you can’t control, and how doing that benefits you.
When learning to let go,

First, you need to make a decision. It’s easier to do something, once you’ve made up your mind to do it. Making that decision will lead the way to actually fulfilling it.

Secondly you need to stop blaming others for your misfortune, and how they mistreated you, you need to take responsibility for what affects you, and for your happiness. Don’t let others determine your happiness, only you should.

Assure yourself you will be okay. No one has died from walking away or letting go from things they couldn’t control, but many have died from staying back in toxic situations.

Life teaches us a lot of lessons, and we are oblivious to this, when we refuse to let go.
I can boldly say from experience, that letting go is hard, because in one way, you don’t know if you are making the right decision, and you don’t know what is to come, and in another way, you can only learn some valid lessons when you do, and be open to better things in life.

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