The concept of investment is not limited to investing in stocks, bonds, currencies and other financial instruments to yield financial success in the nearest future. It also includes investing in ourselves. Investing in yourself entails how you improve yourself today for the benefit of tomorrow.
There is a quote that says ‘Never be the same person you were yesterday’. This quote is not just centered around your financial success but also around gaining more knowledge, being emotionally intelligent, building great morals and giving back to the society.
Here are few tips on how to invest in yourself

Readers are Leaders, they say. Leadership doesn’t necessarily mean holding a significant position in a particular office. Everyone is born a leader because consciously or unconsciously you inspire or lead some set of people. What differentiates bad leaders and great leaders is the output of their mind which is a function of the information that comes into the mind. The best way to lead effectively and invest in yourself is to read books that will build up your mind not just for the now, but also for the future.
The best way to invest in yourself and never be the same person is to read books. As you read, your perception to things change and you gain more knowledge. Remember what they say; Knowledge is power. You want to gain that power tomorrow, invest in gaining knowledge today.

Fuel your Talents/Passion
Everyone has something deposited in him or her. It could be singing, drawing; it could be towards sport or playing a musical instrument. Investing in yourself means fuelling that passion or talent in you by investing in it. Investing in it means training yourself, being under a mentorship programme, consistent practice etc. it is an investment that will yield fruits in the future

Open Discussions
Participating in open discussions is one way to invest in yourself. You can’t have all the knowledge in the world but when you have discussion with like minds, you have the opportunity to listen to various opinions which can be very helpful to you. No knowledge is really lost. Attend programmes, Attend Conferences and be opened always to meaningful discussions

Life sometimes, is about others and not always about you. Investing in yourself means volunteering for programmes that will help in the betterment of the society you live in. There are quite a number of Non-Governmental Organizations in need of volunteers, you can be one of them; It is a way of giving back to the society.
Imagine a world where everyone doesn’t think of himself or herself always but about others; imagine a world where everyone gives back to the society; we will definitely have a better society.

One important way to invest in yourself is to take care of yourself. Do not be too hard on yourself even with the goals you set. Remember the popular quote; you only live once, so take proper care of yourself. You do not have a spare life. Always remember, Health itself is Wealth.

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