The Beauty of Nigerian Weddings

The Beauty of Nigerian Weddings

Weddings as we all know are very special, but in this part of the world, not only are they special, they are a big deal and it takes a lot of time, effort and money to prepare for. In Nigeria, a wedding is not only about joining a man and woman in fact it is about joining the both families to become one.

Aside the glitz and glamour of Nigerian Weddings, there is still a whole lot that make Nigerian Weddings stand out, which is the Nigerian Tradition. Nigeria Tradition differs among tribes, and we have about 300 tribes in Nigeria with each having their own unique tradition, so do well to check out the next three posts after this to see what tribe’s wedding tradition, I will be writing on

Let me drop this three things I always look forward to when I get invited for a wedding ceremony and I feel these things make the wedding stand out and beautiful

  1. The Attire: Nigerian Weddings feature two ceremonies, a white wedding and a traditional wedding, but in most cases, the traditional wedding comes up first before the white wedding. Where both the bride and groom put on a traditional attire which is called “Aso Oke” by the Yorubas.
  2. The Traditional Wedding: Like I said earlier, every tribes have their tradition and their mode of carrying out their wedding ceremony. For the Yorubas, they carry every bit of their wedding tradition with fun and nothing but positive vibes, they are known for huge celebrations. Igbos on the other hand, don’t really go that loud on their traditional wedding, they make it as simple as possible, but they all ensure all traditions must be carried out and in the appropriate way, while the Hausa traditional marriage is mostly based on Islamic and is not time consuming or expensive like the other two.
  3. The Wedding Reception: As we all know, a Wedding Reception is a part that is usually held after the marriage ceremony is complete as hospitality for those who attended the wedding. It’s also known that a wedding reception is always the fun part, for both the couple and the guests. From the Venue to the Menu, to the decoration, to the entertainment and to the souvenirs. Every part of it is beautiful.

Well it’s no lie, that we always have a large number of people at the reception than any other ceremony, because of food, and words can’t explain the feeling of going to a wedding reception, staying all through and not getting anything to eat, but I know it’s the same feeling of going for a birthday party and not getting anything to eat, not even a birthday package to go home with, yea I’m sure you know that feeling.

Nigerian Weddings are beautiful, no doubts about that, from the beginning right down to the very end. We have that belief that a wedding is just once in a life time, so you have to do everything possible to make it special. We’ve had most people who aren’t even Nigerians try to copy the Nigerian Style of Wedding and others do their weddings in the Nigerian Way cause it’s one of a kind.

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