Mastering the Craft of Workplace Communication

In my days, I have come to realize that how a statement is said is as important as what was said. Statements made with the purest of intentions can be misconstrued and interpreted wrongly. Therefore, mastering the art of maintaining the appropriate tone in any communication scenario is essential.

For instance, communicating when under pressure as a customer service personnel, especially when answers to questions are expected from your end;  can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, going out of character is inexcusable. A friendly and positive tone must be maintained even as you strive to keep up with the demanding pace. 

In a workplace, the tone of each staff, from the security men at the gate, to the Managing Director, must always represent the ideas of the brand. Clients could cut an organization off because they didn’t appreciate the tone used in addressing them.

Frankly, what you say is less important than how you say it. Polite intentions can be mistaken as rudeness if it’s devoid of the right tone. Hence, mastering the act of maintaining the right tone irrespective of the situation is key in business and our day-to-day affairs.

How to Maintain a Friendly Tone

If you want to be a communication service expert, It is a good thing you are reading this piece because three ways to maintain a positive and friendly tone shall be discussed.Β 

Embrace the Magic Words

Your tongue should be used to uttering the magic words of communication. Words such as Please, Thank you, Excuse me, Sorry and others should never depart from your lips. They are not tagged magical for nothing. They are great ways to maintain a friendly tone during communication.

For instance, if during communication you did not catch a statement, as opposed to saying ‘Repeat your last statement,’ It is better to politely say, ‘Please, kindly repeat your last statement.’

The second statement was infused with the thematic word ‘please’ thereby giving it a polite tone. A customer will therefore be inclined to repeat themselves without feeling offended.

Be Soft Spoken

People love the feeling of being important, and one way they sense if they are valued is the tone with which they are addressed. This matters to them, even when they don’t reciprocate the gesture.

Being soft-spoken during communication will keep the conversation friendly and positive even when a customer is venting their complaints. 

Speak Fluently

Fluency depicts that you are knowledgeable and confident in your abilities. This will create a positive atmosphere as the conversation unfolds because the customer will feel confident in your capabilities.

In contrast, if you stutter while communicating, your tone will not be convincing and this will breed negativity in the perception of the customer.


Communicating in a workplace is tricky. People could easily misunderstand your words and blow things up. However, by using the magic words, maintaining a soft-spoken voice, and staying fluent you can soar above the task.

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