The Nigerian fashion industry is growing rapidly both in designs and reputation. One of Nigeria’s most renowned fashion designers, Toyin Lawani, has a reputation for designing creative but unusual outfits. 

Over the years, her designs have stirred controversies on social media. Many persons have opined that are designs are extreme while others applaud her style. Nevertheless, irrespective of the side of the divide you belong to, you cannot deny her creativity and originality. 

Toyin Lawani, whose brand name is Tiannahstyling, has designed outfits using unusual materials such as pencils, paper, sharpeners and lots more. 


To be fair, Toyin Lawani can best be described as an eccentric creative genius. Unfortunately, like all geniuses, they are rarely understood in their epoch.

However, one thing is sure, the celebrity designer has cemented her name as a force in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Here are videos and pictures of some of her impeccable designs.

The transformation was stunning!

A stunning outfit made from newspapers.

A stylish outfit made with snails. Would you rock this?

Boxes have never looked more glamorous!

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Who could have thought spoons could be used for way more than just scooping meals.

Sharpeners as earrings. Simply surreal!

Interesting Facts About Toyin Lawani

Interestingly, her brand name, Tiannahstyling, is named after her first child Tiannah. Moreover, she is a proud mother of three children from three different fathers.

Also, her current husband always wears a mask. He is a photographer and shoots her photos and videos.

She is a Reality-TV star. She was one of the housewives in the just-completed Real Housewives of Lagos (#RHOL Season One).

Finally, Toyin Lawani is a business mogul. In addition to her renowned fashion brand, she owns multiple businesses including a skincare line.

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