Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew

I know I’m not Chris Brown neither am I Davido, but permit me to blow your mind with these 7 amazing facts you never knew….so let’s begin

1) Have you ever thought that Greatness could be a D.N.A. thing…No? Let me shock you. Our very own legend Fela Anikulapo kuti and Professor Wole Soyinka are actually cousins. Two of Nigeria’s Greatest Men. Just in case you didn’t think so, think again.

2) The Female Kangaroo have three Vaginas.. Weird but true. I can bet a hundred dollar, you never knew that..I also just found out, and about the dollar, don’t take me serious, girl just be having fun.

3) Did you know that in the 70’s, Nigeria had constant light supply, our currency had so much value than now. I’m talking of 60 kobo =$1 and there were literally excess jobs in Nigeria. Who’s with me, let’s go back in time and catch small cruise.

4) Let me give you guys this gist, It’s a real story. In 2009, the Nigerian police arrested a goat, funny but true, and I don’t mean Genius of all time(GOAT). I’m talking about the animal(goat), so the story behind that was, a man came to report to the police that someone tried to steal his car, but was caught and tried to run away. The man believed the thief turned into a goat, because the thief was nowhere to be found, so the police had to arrest the goat.

5) We can’t talk about mind blowing facts and not mention the creator of facts. Of a true, which okay you probably know this. God is the creator of the universe and you know the popular saying that time waits for no one, well I know one person that time obeys, he commands time to wait, pause, rewind, fast-forward and keep going. His name is Jesus and not only does he know you he loves you.

6) A Nigerian Prophet, Daniel Abodunrin who tried to recreate the story of Daniel in the bible entered the Lion’s den in a zoo in Ibadan…I’m sure you already know what went on…He didn’t live to tell the story. I don’t know why he tried that out, maybe cause his name is Daniel.

7) Do you know it’s impossible to hum while holding your nose… Wait what? That’s not true , I can definitely hum while holding my nose..

Wait, you just tried that, oh come-on, you can’t, I was kidding. Everything here are true facts, so you definitely can’t hum while holding your nose and I’m sure you already figured that out.

As much as I have a lot of mind-blowing facts to write about, I just decided to write on seven, cause 7 is a perfect number.

8 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew

  1. I tried to hum while holding my nose ??, and the part about the Goat got me…nawa o, police arresting goat LMAO…plus Danny my guy, I can’t even deal …?? But truly,truly wetin musa no go see for Gate?

  2. Okay
    This was really fun to read??
    The kangaroo part really shocked me?
    And yes… I’d like to go back in time too?
    I love this write-up ❤️?

  3. Thanks guys…I’m glad you guys had fun reading this…thanks for checking it out, please let’s keep sharing??

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