As a man, I want to let you know that it’s okay to make mistakes, It’s okay to not have it all together. It’s okay to be vulnerable at times, It’s very okay, after all, you are human.

Being a man is not easy, there is so much pressure from your peers, family and even the society at large. You are expected to have it all together, have your dream job, have a nice house, be married, have kids, cater for your family, live life with no difficulties. (Laughs) and when you don’t have that you are termed a failure and you are looked down on.

These days we tend to call someone of the masculine gender, who is able to have his life going all well a ” Real Man” and the one who isn’t an ordinary man but is that right?

So Personally, I don’t think having your life working out well and having everything you ever dreamed of in place is what makes you a real man. So I’ll like to share with you guys, What actually makes you a real man.

1) To be able to accept the fact that you are not always going to get it right, you are going to make mistakes, and that you are going to fail, and that’s it okay, but what is most important is not giving up, but keep pushing, until you get to where you want to be.
2) Always have a goal and a plan: Always try to do something, It’s through doing something you’ll create passion. So don’t be that guy waiting patiently for his dream job to come and push every opportunity that comes his way.
3) Set your priorities straight: First, be clear about your priorities and then set them straight. Your priorities could be your family, your relationship, your career, work those out first, before focusing on other things

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4) Work on your Appearance: Appearance matters a lot, and I think a lot of guys don’t really care about this side, It matters. I know a guy who never knew anything about modelling, who got an amazing job as a model just because someone liked the way he dresses. So please put much effort on your appearance.
5) Go the extra mile by taking Calculated Risks: I’m just saying be a risk-taker, and remember I said calculated ones. Don’t go taking risks because your Bro’s are doing so. What works for Mr A, might not work for Mr B, before taking a risk make sure you think through it and know that it’s going to be of good than bad to you.
6) Be Respectful and take Responsibility: Respect People’s Opinion, don’t act like you know it all, cause you don’t, make corrections, Bring down that ego and ask for help, when you need one. It pays to be respectful. Always take responsibility, don’t blame others for your downfall or misfortune.
7) Get the right woman: Behind every real man, there is a woman. Don’t go for looks, body, they fade, go for a woman who is bringing something to the table, a woman who will help you grow, who is intelligent and very understanding, and will do anything in her power to get you to where you want to be.

So yea this is it, I might get people who think otherwise, I mean I don’t know it all, so please drop a comment telling me what you think about this post, and what you think makes a man, a real man. I would love to see your opinions.



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