Monetizing Your Online Presence.

Do you know that a daily usage of the Internet without earning from it, can be likened to being in an ocean with soap in your eyes? Seriously, the digital sphere is the hub of today’s businesses, so how can you make use of it without monetizing your presence? This is absurd, and it is rather unfortunate that this is the case of so many persons. 

When Airtel Ng tags data as life, what comes to your mind? Do you simply feel data is life since it enables you to connect to your favorite online platforms? Well, data is life because when you put your subscription into good use the profit is unimaginable. Those who know this are legitimately cashing out big.

Well, if you’re among the lots not earning money online, this article is not aimed at scolding you, but to proffer four (4) viable tips on how to earn online.

  1. Freelancing.

Working as a freelancer is an incredible way of making legit money online. 

This is also a perfect way to live the self-employed dream and become your very own boss.

Freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr have created a marketplace where people with different skills can meet those ready to purchase their services. 

These services include Graphics, Digital Marketing, Writing, Programming, and lots more.

Thousands of people have generated income from these platforms and as a Nigerian, this is a legitimate way to work with foreign clients and earn in dollars. 

  1. Online Tutor.

Whatever skill you are competent in can earn you cash online if you are ready to educate others. 

Starting an online class is a great way of earning online. Platforms such as Youtube, Zoom, etc have made online teaching susceptible and valuable. Accordingly, people are more inclined to learn online. 

Actually, In Udemy the cheapest online course costs about $10, to get certification for a free course requires a fee, yet some courses have over 100,000 enrolled participants. Imagine the money being made? You are welcome to do the maths.

Factually, if you are an expert in any field by all means do yourself a favor and start an online class. 

  1. Social Media Influencer.

This online business has grown to be quite lucrative. If you own a blog, vlog, or website with high traffic this is an awesome way to earn. 

Also, if you have thousands or millions of followers on social media you can brand yourself as an influencer. Trust me, this is a cozy way of making good money via your online presence. 

Brands and organizations pay thousands and millions of naira for sponsored posts, and advertisements in pages or sites with high traffic. 

Here in Nigeria, a host of individuals without even completing their tertiary education have made a fortune for themselves via influencing, especially on Twitter and Youtube.

Grow your social media pages and gain active followers through nice content, and you can start earning big online.

  1. Affiliate Marketing/Owning A Business.

Affiliate Marketing, is a form of marketing in which you affiliate with a brand to market its products on your social media pages, website, or YouTube channel. Just ensure you align with a brand with the same interests as you and you can start cashing out online. 

Additionally, starting your own online business, or taking your existing business online is a great way to generate sales and monetize your online presence.

To be honest, the biggest lie ever spewed will be me saying any of the above mentioned are easy. Nevertheless, like all great things, they are highly rewarding when achieved and they are very attainable. So quit slacking and start monetizing your online presence. 

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