Life has taught me that looking beautiful is amazing, but a spectacular personality is so glorious it overshadows even the fairest of beauties. We live in a world where everyone claims that being real is good enough. Though, it is amazing to always be your true self as opposed to bowing to societal pressure or painting a false narrative,  nevertheless, ensure that the real you is worth being. Being real with a nasty and vicious personality is never good enough.

There is no beauty in being yourself if your personality is characterized by narcissism, arrogance, falsehood, rudeness, promiscuity, betrayal, viciousness, and other vices. The fact that all are flawed does not mean you should be so flawed that you begin to ooze negativity and trouble. Bad behavior should never be applauded, not even by the one who carries it. There is always room for sincere growth so don’t settle for a bad personality. Evolve and be more.

When people come in contact with your person, what sort of experience do you dish to them? You should ponder on this. Socrates told no lies when he said an unexamined life is not worth living. Reflect on your personality and ask yourself, if another person behaves the way you do, will you be a fan? If the answer is no, then kindly flip through your pages and consciously try to do better. Stop settling for less with the excuse that you were created that way. God does create humans, but we determine the person we become.

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Dear reader, self-development is the new oil that can generate revenue. However, it would be an error to limit self-development to just skills and degrees. Developing your personality to be charming, fun, loving, kind, nice, graceful, and interesting is one of the best self-development you can engage in. Honestly, it is an investment that will pay the best interest.

People can get attracted to your appearance or even the fragrance of your perfume, however, your personality will determine if they will remain in your life or hastily leave through the back door.

Being the best in your class and field is awesome, but an amazing personality will open doors the former could not unlock. In football, many talented players never got to the zenith of their careers as their nasty personalities became their bane. Imagine being the architect of your downfall? May that never be our story.

Dear reader, talent and hard work will take you to the top, but your character will ensure you remain there. Longevity is paramount to success, therefore work on your personality today. I am still working on mine, you should do the same. Honestly, having a spectacular personality is something worth being. 

An excerpt from the book “Life Lessons” by Wonah, Cecilia.

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